Whether you’ve got straight A grades and on the way to Oxbridge, or flunked and been chucked out on your ear by the ‘rents, you have survived the ordeal that are A-Levels, the test that many refer to as the most difficult you will ever experience! WELL DONE…

So it’s time to reward yourselves and we are going to help! For one night only the infamous SKINT returns!!

Sample one of our great rock bottom priced drinks before 12.30am

🎉 £1 DRINKS – Smirnoff Vodka | Archers | Bacardi | Malibu | Taboo
🎉 £1.50 DRINKS – Jager-Bomb | Jack Daniels | Becks | VK Flavours
🎉 £2 DRINKS – Corona | Vod-Bull

PLUS all spirits come with complimentary dash mixer of Pepsi, Diet Pepsi or Lemonade.

🎉 Early Bird Entry (before 11.30pm) – £2.50 ***HALF PRICE***
🎉 Standard Entry – £5.00
🎉 Late Entry (after 12.30am) – £7.00+

Coming in a group? Well get in touch with our party planners to receive a host of added extras including Discounted Entry, Private Tables and Booths and even Drinks too!

Or take up a SKINT: Bottle Service Special, examples include:
🎉 SIX people, ENTRY AND bottle of shooters FROM £40
🎉 EIGHT people, ENTRY AND bottle of Smirnoff inc. mixers FROM £50

ALL A-level results student can bowl from £1 each ALL day, plus enjoy our £5tein specials, with selected draught lager, cider and now cocktails too for JUST £5 for TWO-pints, email party@alley-catz.com, or call 01775 722211, for full info. 
Join our DJs and our promoters in Bounce Bar from 8.30pm – 11.30pm and join in their great promotion, #ShotMarket. With shots being sold as little as 15p each this is a great place to start your party and meet with friends. Bottles of shots for £10, bottle of Smirnoff vodka for £30 and bottle of Jager with Red Bull £40, more available on request, email party@bouncebar.co.uk now for more information.


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