Purge Costume Ideas.....

We have gone to every effort to make sure this Halloween event is the BEST in our Loaded history!

The Purge was released in 2013 and since then it’s become a cult classic and one of the most popular Halloween costumes of the 2010s. Not least because it’s one of the easiest Halloween costumes to DIY!

We want to see as many people dressed up for the occasion! We completely understand that you won’t want to be spending a lot of money on your costume, why would you?!

Here are a few thrifty ideas for you…..



We are actively encouraging you to wear masks…. Although you will need to remove it on the door (so we can see that you’re not really an axe murderer).

There’s a large variety to choose from on Ebay, and they aren’t all expensive either; you can pick one up from about £5.00!


This is not just for the girls!

The bigger the lips the better, so make sure you’ve stocked up on lipstick! Think of Kyle Jenner lips, but EVEN bigger than hers…. The bigger your grin, the better….

And for the eyes, just make them black… Think of what your eyes are like after a night out when you haven’t taken your makeup off…. Just exaggerate the darkness a tad more…

Skin… Think talcum powder.. Make yourself white… Mix together some paint and talcum powder, and that’s your face sorted! No problem! Another one, get a black marker, and just do a cross on your forehead… Pretty straight forward??


Girls – A white oversized shirt/dress always is spot on for Halloween! Get some fake blood, make some marks! Maybe even a few hand prints? Accompany that by some knee high’s… and your done!

Lads – As bizarre as it sound, but wear a shirt and tie! A light colour one… Get some blood, make a few tears… and you’re sorted!
If you feel real fancy, swap the tie for a bow tie??